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Minestra – Traditional Corsican Soup

Tweet Chris Santini, our American/Corsican office manager in France, is our guest blogger today. He offers insight into traditional Corsican cuisine and a recipe for the classic Corsican soup, Minestra. With the growing interest in Corsican wines we’re seeing these days, there’s also been an interest in Corsican food, which I can proudly attest is […]

Age Your Corsicans

Tweet We’ve been on quite a Corsican kick here at the shop, with a sampler in January and a new white and rosé producer from Cap Corse having just arrived. New vintages from longstanding Corsican domaines, Antoine Arena and Yves Leccia, are also available and there’s a lot to be excited about in these wines. […]

Tasting Recap 1/21/10: Corsica and the Southern Rhône

Tweet Last week’s staff tasting focused on recent arrivals from Corsica and the south of France. More often than not, Kermit likes to taste north to south, however this time we started in Corsica and moved north to the mainland. Our normal behavior is also to taste white before red, but I’ve heard of other […]

A question from Kermit Lynch to you…

Tweet As regular readers of our newsletter know, Kermit spends a good chunk of his year in France and Italy. He works, he relaxes, he visits friends. One of his absolute favorite places to mix his work and pleasure is on the island of Corsica. He just returned to his Provençal home after spending a […]