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Wine Fallacies: Champagne With Meal?

Tweet There are a number of misconceptions about wine that many members of the industry seem to be on a tireless crusade to end. At the top of this list of fallacies you’ll find tired adages like “All Rieslings are sweet” (no, they are not), and, worst of all—“Beaujolais sucks.” If you’re reading this, then you […]

KLWM Tasting @ 15 Degrees C in Templeton, CA

Tweet If you live on the central coast of California, there will be a tasting of KLWM Champagne at 15 Degrees C Wine Shop and Bar in Templeton, CA. Here are the details… Hospice du Rhône Refresh! 15 Degrees C Wine Shop and Bar Tasting Theme: BUBBLES Saturday, May 2nd • 6pm – 8pm $35/person […]