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The Fraternity of Pic Saint Loup

Tweet by Sarah Hernan Our guest today is Pierre Ravaille, one of the three Ravaille brothers from the Languedoc domaine Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup. Kermit first met the Ravaille family about 15 years ago. He was struck by the almost pre-historic stone house, farm, and cellar, as well as their private wine collection (which […]

Sylvain’s Carignan

Tweet AT DOMAINE D’AUPILHAC by Chris Santini I’ll never forget a dinner in Corsica one night a few years ago with the venerated vigneron Antoine Arena in attendance, plus a pompous (yet also venerated, albeit by a different crowd) French wine critic. The critic, who had seemingly never much muddied his boots in vines or […]

The Struggle of the Languedoc

Tweet by Chris Santini Hard to imagine but true, Gaddafi once sent a team of Libyan messengers deep in the hills of the Languedoc to meet with a group of angry and exasperated vignerons. The year was 1973, and a century of boiling tensions between these growers and the omnipotent local négociants had culminated in […]

The Resurgence of the Languedoc

Tweet  In our retail shop, any salesperson will be quick to point to the Languedoc section for some of the best values in the store. Having long been the source of the vast majority of France’s bulk wine, the Languedoc nonetheless produces wines of quality that are consequently undervalued. We are not ones to complain: […]

Chez Les Laboucarié

Tweet While in the Languedoc this summer, one of my favorite visits was to Domaine de Fontsainte in the appellation of Corbières. I was particularly excited about going because I bring the wines home at least once a week to enjoy with dinner. Bruno Laboucarié runs his family’s domaine today, but since he was out […]

Have Shipper Will Travel

Tweet One of the joys of being in the wine business is sharing what we sell with those we love. My boyfriend and I enjoy a steady stream of favorites that I bring home every week. While I definitely vary my selections depending on the season and what we have in stock here at the […]

Cyriaque Rozier: Two Timin’ Terroirist

Tweet The Languedoc is an amazing mix of cultures, history, and geology. The viticultural legacy left by the Greeks and Romans still leaves its mark today, and it is not at all unusual to find vestiges of a previous era in vineyards that have been operating for thousands of years. As I mentioned in our […]

A Vote of Sorts

Tweet We voted at the end of the tasting. Kermit asked, “which red did you like best, the ‘Pourpre’ or the ‘Causse du Bousquet?’” Out of the eight voters  it was a split decision (Kermit was the ninth attendee but didn’t vote). Each red received four votes. What does that mean? It was close, I […]

Independence Day Wines

Tweet The time around July 4th is when French wine sales take a little hit. Domestic wineries jump on the “buy American” bandwagon and people head to their local shops that feature their favorite homegrown wines. This makes sense, right? July 4th = Zinfandel? Why on earth would you buy a bottle of French wine […]

Tasting Recap: 5/20/09, Rosés and Southern Reds

Tweet The other night we tasted through our first large shipment of 2008 rosés and some other recent arrivals. Here are the highlights… 40% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 20% Mourvèdre, 10% Cinsault and man does that Syrah show in the 2008 Languedoc Rosé from Château Lascaux ($14.95). The Lascaux Rosé consistently has a peppery spice to […]