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Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2013. pp.388. paperback.
Inspiring Thirst
Berkeley, CA. : Ten Speed Press, c2004. pp.420. hardcover.
Adventures on the Wine Route
New York, NY. : North Point Press, c1988. pp.271. softcover.
Mes aventures sur les routes du vin
Paris. : Éditions Jacques & Rivages, c1988. pp.332. softcover.
Down In Heaven
Released in December of 2014, Down In Heaven is Kermit Lynch’...
Donuts & Coffee
Released in October of 2012, Donut's & Coffee is Kermit Lynch's fourth...
Kitty Fur
Kermit's third record, released March of 2011, is a country/blues...
Man's Temptation
Released in September 2009 on Dualtone Records, Man's Temptation features gospel...
Quicksand Blues
Songs by Kermit Lynch
Featuring Boz Scaggs, Ricky Fataar...
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