Rosé Season Approaches

Any time someone uses a superlative to describe one of our wines, we tend to appreciate it and enjoy the fact that someone else out there enjoys our wines as much as we do. Kermit has long described the Bandol Rosé from Domaine Tempier as the best rosé in the world. Jeremy Parzen of the blog Do Bianchi apparently agrees. Check out his posting here.


Rosé season is quickly coming upon us, with our first large shipment of rosés arriving in Berkeley in mid-May. If the May shipment of rosés taste anything like the one 2008 rosé that we currently have available (2008 Coteaux du Languedoc Rosé, St. Martin de la Garrigue – $12) then we will have another full season of excellent rosé quaffing. Look forward to drinking rosé from Provence, the Languedoc, the Rhône, Burgundy, and the Loire Valley all summer and fall long.


  1. thanks for the link and wow, I’m am so psyched for the Kermit Lynch blog (already added to my blogroll).

    I’m actually planning on doing another post on the Rosé tomorrow (Tracie B and I are tasting tonight).

    Do you know how many bottles of Rosé are produced and how many reach the U.S.?

    See you in May at the Kermit Lynch tasting! Will be SO blogilicious!

  2. one of my favorite wines…….I’ll link your blog now that you’re up to both of ours here:

    On the wine trail in Italy [ ]
    The Blend [

    Glad to see you blogging!

  3. Ron says:

    I have long adored the Domaine Tempier Rosé and was looking forward to the 2008’s release until I read early reports suggesting that it is going to be badly overpriced. The price on that wine has gone up dramatically in just a few years and if it continues to do so even a big fan such as me will be driven by my anti-gouging leanings to seek a substitute. It’s a pity. The Tempier rosé is made to be enjoyed by the many not hoarded by the Hamptons set.

  4. […] Bandol Rosé by Tempier, considered by many “the best rosé in the world” and very hard to […]

  5. Ron says:

    I believe that, contrary to rumor, the 2008 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé has not leaped upward in price yet again. In fact, later rumors suggest the distributor has actually reduced the price to some retailers, suggesting that the massive increase for the 2007 may have been met with considerable resistance. With that said, some retailers are clearly gouging, most likely because of the rumors of a huge price increase. In other words, the greed is among retailers rather than the producer or its distributor, or so it appears.
    As long as you can buy this wonderful wine for less than $35 a bottle, it is worth it. At $30, it’s a true bargain, all things considered. At $40, however, it is overpriced, its quality notwithstanding.

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