White Burgundy Sale – Tasting 1

In next month’s newsletter we’ll be advertising a very large sale on a selection of some of our highest quality wines: WHITE BURGUNDY. Kermit is pretty high on the 2007 white Burgundies and wants to start making space for them. We’ve decided to start the sale a few days early. For a list of the sale wines, click here. To learn about special sales and other good deals around the shop, sign up for our Email Wine Alerts here.

Now is the time to stock up! Most wines are available in very limited quantities. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be re-tasting these wines to see how they are developing. Here are our tasting notes on the stand-outs from our first round of tasting.

2006 Chablis “Les Truffières” • Domaine Costal
Normally $30.00, 20% off per bottle $24.00
2006 Chablis “Vieilles Vignes” • Olivier Savary
Normally $28.00, 20% off per bottle $22.40
I must say that if you’re looking for clean, crisp, Chardonnay with wonderful minerality, our Chablis selection in this sale can’t be beat.

The 2006 Domaine Costal Chablis “Les Truffières” is an excellent example of Chardonnay grown in the typical kimmeridgian clay/marine fossil soil of the appellation. The name “Truffières” comes from an essence of truffles that you can find on the nose despite the fact that there are no actual truffles in Chablis. Vinified in no wood whatsoever, this Chablis smells incredibly fresh and fragrant, with a crisp, lingering finish. Delicious by itself, the Costal Chablis would pair very nicely with any cut of fresh fish.

Literally like ground-up oysters shells in your glass, the 2006 Olivier Savary Chablis “Vieilles Vignes” is minerally and complex, capable of improving in your cellar over the next few years. Drink now, but also plan to take advantage of the 50 year old vines that will allow this Chablis to reach new heights, aging at a glacial pace. – Steve Waters

2006 Montagny “Sous Les Feilles” 1er Cru • Philippe Colin
Normally $37.00, 20% off per bottle $29.60
After our white Burgundy tasting the other night, I had the pleasure of taking home the 2006 Montagny “Sous Les Feilles” 1er Cru by Philippe Colin. A premier cru vineyard at this price is very difficult to beat. Wet limestone and floral notes come through on the nose with a hint of creaminess and toastyness on the palate. Bright acidity balances the wine all the way through to the long and delightful finish. Enjoy this lovely white Burgundy with your favorite seafood dish, pork or roasted chicken. Drink now or lay down for three to five years. – Chris Bunag

2006 Auxey-Duresses “Les Hautes” • Domaine Vincent
Normally $40.00, 20% off per bottle $32.00
This wine catches me off guard every time we taste it. Auxey-Duresses? Are you sure it’s not mislabeled Puligny? The “Les Hautes” has everything I look for in a classic white Burgundy: elegant fruit, firm minerality and structure, a hint of well integrated oak* and a finish that’s longer than Highway 1. It’s a steal even without the discount.
*Let me expand on the “hint of oak” description. The Burgundians originally meant oak to be used to add structure and therefore help the wine age. This use of oak is NOT a flavor profile. – Clark Z Terry

2006 Saint-Romain Blanc “Sous Le Château” • Christophe Buisson
Normally $34.00, 20% off per bottle $27.20
2006 Beaune Blanc “Clos Saint Désiré” • Christophe Buisson
Normally $47.00, 20% off per bottle $37.60
I visited Burgundy in May of 2008 and had the privilege of tasting with Christophe Buisson in the lovely ancient village of Saint-Romain. This is a classic Burgundian village known for making wines that are not only delicious but  excellent values. Buisson is a hardworking and talented young vigneron making gorgeous, succulent wines. His 2006 Saint-Romain Blanc “Sous Le Château” (the vineyard is under an ancient crumbling castle) is a perfect combination of minerality and richness. The Beaune Blanc “Clos Saint Désiré” (next to the famous vineyard “Le Clos Des Mouches”) is even more complex than the “Sous Le Château” with hints of spice and mineral. Age worthy but quite drinkable and completely delicious right now. – Michael Butler

2005 Meursault “En La Barre” • François Jobard
Normally $82.00, 20% off per bottle $65.60
“2005 Meursault ‘En La Barre’ from François Jobard at 30% off by the case”, I shouldn’t have to say more to get you running to buy this wine. For those of you who do need more, the “En La Barre” vines are some of François’ oldest and this 2005 is classic Meursault: impeccable structure, notes of lemony lime zest on the nose, rich lemon curd in the mouth with an intense chalky mineral finish. This wine is brilliant young but expect more great things in just a few years. – Mark Congero


  1. norma carney says:

    We recently had a bottle of Saint-Romain white burgundy 2006 Christophe Buisson. We would like to buy some. Do you still have availability?

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