June Newsletter: Rosé Time!, Exploring the Store, P-A Les Pallières, P-A Brunello

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by Katya Karagadayeva

I recently came across an interview in which Kermit talks about comparing wines to old friends. Makes sense, right? Just like people, each wine has his or her different personality, and for every situation in life there is a perfect match. In Russia we have a saying that goes something like “Don’t possess a hundred rubles, but possess a hundred friends.” I would like to introduce you to six friends of mine.


If Grangia is already your go-to white, you will love her sister. Pretty in raspberry-pink, easygoing, pleasant. Her upbeat personality gets your attention at a first interaction and has you coming back for more. Don’t call her if you want to discuss politics over a steak, but enjoy her unpretentious company in any other situation.

$9.95 per bottle  $107.46 per case


Everyone needs a powerful friend, a friend with connections. A true aristocrat: his predecessors rubbed shoulders with French kings and were admired by Ernest Hemingway. He is a man of grand stature, his manners are perfect, but his fiery spirit shines through. And he is one of those lucky few who only benefit from aging.

$18.00 per bottle  $194.40 per case


His shirt might be a delicate salmon hue, but there is a true strength underneath. A former boxer with thick, soil-encrusted hands, he is well built and resilient. There is so much generosity, flavor, soulfulness—but also true finesse. Have you seen photos of Alain Pascal, the winemaker of Domaine du Gros ’Noré? Look him up—you’ll know immediately what I mean.

$30.00 per bottle  $324.00 per case


by Mark Congero

Recent events have got me thinking about my childhood—living with my mom on Long Island. Summer was the best season for food, and two annual excursions signaled that summer was upon us.

First, we would take a drive upstate with the goal to hit as many roadside stands and farms as we could. I remember on more than one occasion getting a tummy ache after eating way too much on the way home: fresh string beans with their crisp, off-the-plant snap, sweet corn ready to peel and eat, beefsteak tomatoes, beautiful plump cherries and blueberries. If I had been a good helper and co-pilot, on the way home we would stop at my favorite Chinese restaurant and I’d order lobster Cantonese, the delicious end to a perfect day.

Later in the summer we would drive out to Montauk to go fishing. There was never a time that I didn’t catch my fill of delicious fluke or flounder. My mom would panfry the fish with butter and lemon and serve coleslaw on the side. I’ve never really thought about it much, but those are important memories I will cherish forever. Summer is family time and fun time, hopefully.

We have a lovely mix of summer wines for you to enjoy. I will also add a few favorite summer recipes to the box. Remember, it’s only June, so you may want to buy a couple samplers to get you through the summer, and at 30% off there is no reason not to!

per bottle

2011 Langhe Arneis • Tintero


2011 Chardonnay • Éric Chevalier


2011 Coteaux du Loir Blanc • Pascal Janvier


2011 Gentil d’Alsace • Meyer-Fonné


2011 E Prove Blanc • Domaine Maestracci


2012 Languedoc Rosé • Château de Lascaux


2011 Bardolino “Pràdicà” • Corte Gardoni


2009 Montagne-Saint-Émilion • Château Tour Bayard


2009 Languedoc Rouge “Podio Alto” • Domaine du Poujol


2011 Bourgueil “Cuvée Trinch!” • C. & P. Breton


2010 Moulin-à-Vent • Domaine Diochon


2011 Côtes du Rhône “Il Fait Soif” • Maxime Laurent


Normally $232.25

Special Sampler Price $163

A 30% discount

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