September Newsletter: New Arrivals from Liguria & Valle d’Aosta, Burgundy Traditionalists, Late Summer Sampler

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Highlights from this month’s newsletter…

 Late Summer Sampler

by Mark Congero

Is there a better way to celebrate the bounty of the season than with a late summer pizza party? Well, that is exactly what a handful of my KLWM colleagues and I did. The obvious reason to have the party at my house is the wood-burning oven my wife and I built last summer.

With the fire in the oven burning bright and hot, friends arrived with arms full of delicious food and wine. Here is just a small list of what our pizzaioli had to play with: eggplant, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, fresh eggs, fresh herbs, sweet and spicy peppers, pepperoni, sausage, prosciutto, and fresh squid. Perfect Napolitano pizzas were flying out of the 800-degree oven as well as roasted squid and prosciutto-wrapped fontina cheese. By night’s end the pizza count was at thirty-two and there were A LOT of empty bottles!

Of course, not everyone has a wood-burning oven in the backyard, but with a pizza stone and a Weber you can make some darn good pizza. Relax with a glass of rosé, soak up the last bit of late summer warmth, and enjoy all the amazing treats the season has to offer.

We have a great six-bottle mix of wines and a few fun recipes you might enjoy. That, combined with a great discount, makes this the perfect end-of-summer selection of wine. Remember, two six-packs make a case!

Bon appétit!

per bottle

2011 Riesling • Kuentz-Bas


Vouvray Brut “La Dilettante” • C. & P. Breton


2013 Bandol Rosé • Domaine du Gros ’Noré


2011 Languedoc Rouge “Podio Alto” • Domaine du Poujol


2012 Monteleccio • Sesti


2013 Juliénas “Beauvernay” • Domaine Chignard


Normally $146.95

Special Sampler Price $125

(a 15% discount)


ChÂteau Feuillet

by Dixon Brooke

2013 Valle d’Aosta “Petite Arvine”

Outside of Switzerland, the grape variety “Petite Arvine” is nearly unique to this tiny mountainous slice of Italy. It thrives on the steep, rocky slopes of the Valle d’Aosta that, given their striking exposure, are surprisingly sun-baked and warm during the growing season. The flora here makes its debut at the same time as it does in southern Italy. Grower/winemaker Maurizio Fiorano likes his Petite Arvine racy and vibrant, with a core of luminous fruit. The aroma transports you to a lost Sound-of-Music-esque alpine meadow, and the finish is packed with a stony crunchiness that lingers and slakes thirst.

$32.00 per bottle $345.60 per case

2013 Valle d’Aosta “TorRette”

This gorgeous mountain red is a blend of Petit Rouge and Mayolet, so welcome again to some rarely encountered grape varieties. They are grown high on the slopes of the Italian Alps, near the renowned little ski town of Courmayeur, on the Italian side of Monte Bianco. Take a moment to notice this wine’s balance and harmony. A light-bodied red, it stops just short of being too light, which makes it so diverse for food. The aromas and flavors are particular to the Valle d’Aosta, with smokiness, meatiness, and sweet spices along with mountain flowers, wild berries, and a juicy acidity.

$25.00 per bottle $270.00 per case

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