March Newsletter: The Quiet Lion of Alsace, Comtesse de Chérisey P-A, Coastal Sampler, Sylvain’s Carignan

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Highlights from this month’s newsletter…


by Dixon Brooke


Porro of Serralunga makes a Nebbiolo that is easily confused with Barolo—a little too easily. I think I’ve said too much already. I guess the thing that gives it away is the extra fruitiness, the lack of a hard edge. Don’t expect light or quaffable when you uncork this beauty. Welcome to the Langhe.

$26.00 per bottle $280.80 per case



I’ve talked to many passionate wine aficionados over the years about the tendency of Italian reds to have more of a bitter edginess than their French counterparts. A slight bitterness is actually often a compliment when it comes to Italian cuisine and wine—think of those little shots of espresso. I’ve highlighted this 2009 Barolo for its complete lack of bitterness—a bit of a surprise, particularly for a Barolo. In fact, in the finesse category it will give a French Burgundy a run for its money. I’ve probably consumed a case of it by now, yet I still cannot believe what the Fantino brothers accomplished with their beautiful 2009. It has to be tasted to be believed, and you will want to revisit it multiple times to make sure you weren’t dreaming. It is as sumptuous and silky a Barolo as you are ever likely to taste, while not a bit flabby or overdone. The ripe Nebbiolo fruit is generous and abundant. We have plenty of tannic, tightly wound Baroli that smell of tar and roses, and we love them all. This one stands out for its sheer balance and refinement and the immediate pleasure it offers. Don’t miss trying it on—see how it fits.

$55.00 per bottle $594.00 per case


by Anthony Lynch


Here is one likely scenario should you choose to open a bottle of Patrick Bottex’s seductive deep pink, effervescent, palate-tickling Bugey:

1. Your date is strangely entranced by all your stories and even giggles at your lame jokes.

2. She invites you back to her place for another glass of Bugey.

3. The next morning, she brings you breakfast in bed, naturally washed down with some cold Bugey.

4. You marry. The wedding is toasted with a ceremonial glass of Bugey.

5. On your deathbed, you share one final bottle of Bugey. You think back to how it all began, so grateful for the wine that made your life worth living. You experience feelings of life satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

$23.00 per bottle $248.40 per case


At Punta Crena on northern Italy’s Mediterranean coast, the only way to do things is the way they’ve been done for hundreds of years. That means working exclusively with local varietals, thus preserving Liguria’s rich viticultural heritage. This light, endlessly sippable bubbly rosato is a blend of Rossesse and Crovino. With its bright, fruity aroma, carefree sparkle, and crisp, dry finish, it is an ideal candidate for a picnic, for the beach, or simply to whet your palate before bigger things to come.

$19.95 per bottle $215.46 per case


The village of Seyssel, in the French Alps, has a history of viticulture dating back centuries, having built a reputation for floral-scented charmers from the local grapes, Molette and Altesse. Produced in the méthode traditionnelle and aged for two years sur latte, the Petit Royal is unequaled in the world of sparkling wine: alpine flowers, dried fruit, wildflower honey, and a toasty, yeasty note give this value sparkler an utterly delightful aromatic richness and complexity. Serve it with various salty toasts to kick off your next dinner party, or pop one open to liven up a night at home with a big bowl of mac and cheese.

$19.00 per bottle $205.20 per case

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