Happy Birthday to Domaine Tempier’s Lulu Peyraud!


From Kermit

    Happy birthday dear Lulu, happy birthday to you. Ninety-eight years young and still warming so many of our hearts with the twinkle in your eyes—I wonder if you know how influential your positive attitude is to us lucky enough to have encountered you on our travels along life’s sometimes rocky road. You are to some, an educator, and your class is titled How To Enjoy Life. Well, I wonder, could there be any lesson more important than that? A big hug from me, Gail, Anthony, Marley, and all the staff at KLWM.
    AND YOU, dear staff, dear clients, should you have some birthday thoughts or memories for Domaine Tempier’s Lulu Peyraud, please, please, pretty please, send them along to us in English or French. We’ll translate if necessary and post them and of course make sure Lulu receives them. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post.
    And any of you with a bottle of Domaine Tempier around the house, Dec. 11 is a good day for pulling a cork and raising your glass to the unforgettable, irresistible, irrepressible Lulu Peyraud.


  1. Lisa Lucas Talbot says:

    Mme Peyraud’s definition of finesse, published in the KLWM newsletter several years ago, continues to inspire me. We have enjoyed Domaine Tempier wines to mark so many family and life events that we will be happy to raise a glass to her tonight. And wish her more happy, healthy years to come. Cheers!

  2. John Crowley says:

    Happy Birthday dear Lulu – Your cookbooks and wine have inspired me to understand the French culinary life, c’est magnifique, le bon vivant! All the best to you! Sincerely, John Crowley

  3. Liza Sullivan says:

    Bonne Anniversaire Madame Peyraud,

    Ca fait 15 ans que je habites en france et 15 ans que je suis une fan de vous et vos vins.

    Bravo pour votre savior faire d’etre une bonne vivante!

    Merci pour Kermit Lynch de vous introduire a vos fans americans!

    Passez une Bonne Anniversaire avec vote famille,

    Liza Sullivan

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