By Anthony Lynch

We love Liguria. The region’s joyous charm is evidenced by its lively wines, delicious creations that speak to an ancient history of grape-growing on steep slopes overlooking irresistible Mediterranean waters. This tradition lives on through the Ruffino family of Punta Crena: Tommaso makes the wine, his brother Paolo sells it, their combined dozen children help out wherever needed, and mamma oversees the whole thing with a gracious smile from her vegetable stand in the courtyard of the family home. The wines below paint a mouthwatering picture of Liguria and the Mediterranean through the eyes of a family that has lived off its land for hundreds of years.


The Pettirosso is a gently sparkling dry rosé made from the indigenous Rossese and Cruvin varieties. Light and bright on the palate with a delicate mouthfeel and crisp acidity, it recalls little red berries and blossoming flowers. Simply put, it is extremely fun to drink.

$19.95 per bottle $215.46 per case


According to Paolo,

The Reinè vineyard was planted with Mataòssu in 1930 by my grandfather Francescu, helped by his eldest sons Angelo and Guglielmo (my uncles). These were difficult times, between two world wars, but my grandfather was very courageous. He built terraces and prepared the earth by hand, without tractors, and established a masterpiece that we still admire and proudly cultivate to this day.

The eighty-six-year-old Mataòssu vines in Reinè represent some of the very last remaining plantings of this fascinating indigenous white grape. The 2015 evokes grapefruit, smoke, herbs, and sea mist, with fresh acidity slicing through its oily texture before a vibrant, saline finish.

$27.00 per bottle $291.60 per case

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