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From the archives…The words and wines of André Ostertag

by André Ostertag Alas, I barely have any memory of my previous lives, and although I am willing to bet that I was an innkeeper, a drunkard, or at least your common wine drinker, as much as I search my memory I cannot recall what wine tasted like back then. Luckily, yet too rarely, I […]

A for Alsace

by Julia Issleib, Beaune Office Manager Let me be frank: Alsace rarely comes to my mind as the solution to the dilemma “What should we drink?” I’m a bit intimidated by the region’s complexity and variety, its many styles of wines and appellations. Yet, when I think back, I cannot remember a single time when […]

An Update from André

Once or twice a year, André Ostertag takes pen to paper to keep us up-to-date on how the current vintage in Alsace is progressing and to provide us with his most recent philosophical musings. Winter is typically a quiet time in the winery and vineyards—monitoring fermentations and pruning vines only take so much time—and André […]

White Wine For Aging? It Is Time To Look To Alsace

In the soon-to-be-released January newsletter, Kermit takes up his pencil to highlight new arrivals from our longest-standing producer from Alsace—Domaine André Ostertag. Kermit first tasted with and began importing André’s wines in the early 1990s and as we approach nearly twenty-five years of working with him, never has André’s artistic precision and sophistication in the […]

New Website From Ostertag

Very few of our producers speak English, let alone write it, so we often find ourselves translating updates on vintage conditions and descriptions of new wines that our producers send us. One great exception is André Ostertag, the enigmatic Alsatian vigneron known for his classic, chiseled, dry wines. He not only speaks but writes in […]

A Crusade for Alsace Part I

If you are a regular reader of the Kermit Lynch newsletter, you might be aware of Dixon Brooke’s reverence for the wines of Alsace. He regularly extols the many virtues of our three Alsatian domaines and recently wrote: “Forgive me if I seem to be playing a familiar tune, but I am determined to turn […]