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Richard Olney’s Final Book, Reflexions

by Jim Harrison, March 2000 I was thoroughly swept away by Richard Olney’s Reflexions, which made me all the more saddened by his death this past July. There is ample evidence in Reflexions that no one on the planet has sat at better tables, most especially his own, or drank consistently better wines than Richard […]

Bird Progressions

by Kermit Lynch, November 2000 I have been working on a piece trying to explain (so far without success) Richard Olney. He was my friend and, in a casual sort of way, my mentor, and I liked his attitude about food and wine. Richard died last year, and I think about him a lot. To mention […]

The Apéro File

By Kermit Lynch, August 2002 By actions, not words, Richard Olney taught me the virtues of the daily apéro, which is French slang for an apéritif. My Webster’s defines apéritif as “an alcoholic beverage, especially wine, taken before meals to stimulate the appetite.” Taken? Well, that’s not why I “take” apéritifs. And there is a […]

Remembering Richard

by Kermit Lynch, October 2002 Some readers might recall that Richard Olney influenced me quite a bit at the beginning of my career. Or is that bragging? Now that he is gone, I miss him even while I work, because sometimes I used to select the wines I import with the thought in the back of […]

Remembering Richard Olney

By Lulu Peyraud, July 2001 What is the first thing I would say about Richard Olney? That he was a handsome man, very elegant in his bow ties, discreet, considerate, a careful listener, and a good friend. We met him, my husband Lucien and I, thanks to Magdeleine Decure and Odette Kahn, publishers of the magazines […]