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Into the Eye of the Strike: Southern Rhône and Back Home

I continued south Thursday morning, stopping first at Domaine Gramenon.  Gramenon is in a beautiful area in the northern stretches of the Côtes-du-Rhône appellation, where it is a bit wilder with more forest and rolling hills.  I met Michèle and Maxime in the winery and found them busy racking their 2010 La Mémé cuvée (from […]

Into the Eye of the Strike: Northern Rhône Day Two

Wednesday, 10/27 It is generally accepted among those in the know that the greatest Syrahs from the northern Rhône are coming from Cornas these days.  This isn’t because Cornas has the best terroir, but because it has the best group of established vignerons making real wines, a group that has not surrendered to modern fashion.  […]

Into the Eye of the Strike: Northern Rhône Day One

Tuesday, October 26 My hotel in Tain l’Hermitage has a great wireless network so I’m uploading footage and pictures at a reasonable speed. It was a very busy day today, starting with a marathon blending session at Domaine Philippe Faury in Chavanay, just south of Côte-Rôtie, high up on the granite slopes above the Rhône […]

Into the Eye of the Strike: Départ

This post marks the first in a series written by Dixon Brooke, detailing his adventures this week, navigating the French transportation system that is currently on strike. Saturday, October, 23rd, 9:30 am I moved back to Berkeley, CA from France a month ago, after 4 ½ years in the foreign legion.  I’m writing this morning […]

Off To France

Vacation time can means different things for employees of KLWM. So far this year we’ve headed to Hawaii, Vermont, Zion National Park, and a few have taken the relaxing “stay-cation,” choosing just to stay home. I’ll be following in the footsteps of many salespeople who decide to spend their precious vacation time traveling to France, […]

A Short Rib Obsession

Today’s guest blogger is salesman Chris Bunag… Amongst the staff here at KLWM, we not only talk about wine but we also talk a lot about food. Conversations regularly revolve around what we are making for dinner, our latest great restaurant find, and what wine to pair with what dish. I remember one day after […]

Tasting Recap 1/21/10: Corsica and the Southern Rhône

Last week’s staff tasting focused on recent arrivals from Corsica and the south of France. More often than not, Kermit likes to taste north to south, however this time we started in Corsica and moved north to the mainland. Our normal behavior is also to taste white before red, but I’ve heard of other people […]

A Vote of Sorts

We voted at the end of the tasting. Kermit asked, “which red did you like best, the ‘Pourpre’ or the ‘Causse du Bousquet?’” Out of the eight voters  it was a split decision (Kermit was the ninth attendee but didn’t vote). Each red received four votes. What does that mean? It was close, I could […]

New Arrivals!

In our recent email blast we featured some new arrivals that we are excited about. Here are a few more, all hailing from the 2008 vintage…

Don’t Forget Oyster Bliss!

Don’t forget to join us for tomorrow’s 18th annual Oyster Bliss event! Here are the details: Saturday, April 18th 11am to 4pm No reservations required. Hog Island Oysters, homemade sausages by Christopher Lee of Eccolo, and wines by the glass are served à la carte. Cash only! Denis Jamain of Domaine de Reuilly will be […]