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A Guide to the Jura Through the Wines of François Rousset-Martin

By Anthony Lynch      The Jura wine world is a fascinating, mysterious, and at times confusing one. The region’s recent surge in popularity on American wine lists lies in stark contrast with how strange its wines come across to the uninitiated, with many of its indigenous production methods and quirky winemakers requiring more than […]

Winter Whites

Although the Bay Area is more the land of eternal spring than it is of changing seasons, there is nevertheless a climatic shift, and when it happens, it’s immediate. Last week the sun was shining, it was a lovely 70 degrees, and we were enjoying our warmest season of the year. Today, the temperature has […]

Colin Family White Burgs Scream “Drink Me”

The 2008s from Bruno Colin and his father Michel of Colin-Deléger were recently offered at pre-arrival prices. Sample bottles for our staff tasting arrived mid-May. We found the 2008s to be beautifully approachable—there is much pleasure to be had now. They are complex, vivid wines, real stunners. They scream, “drink me” as the aroma draws […]

Low Alcohol Wine Selection

Long ago I learned to appreciate subtlety and finesse in a wine.  Maybe that’s why I work here, right?  But I use those descriptors often when I speak about wine – especially a wine that draws you in seductively instead of punching you in the nose, and on the palate leaves a perfumed aftertaste instead […]