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A Tour of Bugey with Patrick Bottex

Patrick Bottex makes one of the most delicious beverages in existence. He runs his tiny operation in the little hamlet of La Cueille, located near the town of Poncin in the Bugey region, somewhere between Lyon and Geneva. Despite the proximity to these major cities and the nearby autoroute, it might nonetheless be an understatement […]

The Mountain Quaffer: Jacquère

Much attention is paid to drinking refreshing wines in hot weather. A chilled rosé, a flinty Muscadet, or a bubbly Prosecco seem to be synonymous with the need for a cool glass during the summer months. As cold weather rolls in, our palates turn to “winter” wines—hearty, structured, and dark red—for stews, braises, or roasts.  […]

Tasting Recap 6/10/09: Great Summer Wines

Every once in a while during tastings an unintended theme emerges that ties a number of wines together. A theme that goes beyond wines coming from the same region or having similar blends but something that connects seemingly unrelated wines in a way that pre-tasting, one probably would not have put together. Last night’s emergent […]