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Up Late with Verset’s Ghost

by Dustin Soiseth It was about 2 a.m. the other night and I was in the kitchen heating up a bottle for my baby girl. There was a half-empty bottle of wine on the counter—the 2012 Barruol/Lynch Côte Rôtie “La Boisselée”—left over from an earlier tasting and I gave it a swirl while waiting for […]

New Arrivals from Breton

Thursday evening marked the first staff tasting since Kermit’s departure to France. The tasting covered whites, reds, and rosés from the Loire, the southern Rhône, Provence, and Corsica. As good students of the Lynchianesque tasting philosophy, we started in the north with the Loire and finished in the south with Corsica. Today I’ll focus on […]

Real Men Drink Rosé

And lots of it. For the manly contingent on the KLWM staff, rosé has no season and any day is a good day to have a glass. Our stocks of rosé were getting low until, thankfully, the first round of the 2009s arrived. If forced to describe 2009 rosé in one sentence, I’d say, “The […]

Taste Towards Finesse

There are many theories on how wines should be ordered for a tasting. Based on one’s experiences, theories breakdown into principles, which help solve the tasting order riddle. The staff often finds themselves in a troubling situation because we are usually tasting a group of new arrivals—on any given shipment from France, there can be […]

Tasting Recap 1/21/10: Corsica and the Southern Rhône

Last week’s staff tasting focused on recent arrivals from Corsica and the south of France. More often than not, Kermit likes to taste north to south, however this time we started in Corsica and moved north to the mainland. Our normal behavior is also to taste white before red, but I’ve heard of other people […]

A Vote of Sorts

We voted at the end of the tasting. Kermit asked, “which red did you like best, the ‘Pourpre’ or the ‘Causse du Bousquet?’” Out of the eight voters  it was a split decision (Kermit was the ninth attendee but didn’t vote). Each red received four votes. What does that mean? It was close, I could […]

New Corsican Producer

While reflecting on the new producers we’ve added to our portfolio over the past couple years, a common theme emerged. For the most part, we haven’t added producers from well-known winegrowing areas, but instead we found gems tucked away in obscure corners of France and Italy. A few of these new producers are Pascal Janvier […]

Tasting Recap 10/14/09: Champagne, Friuli, Burgundy, & the Loire

Last week’s staff tasting featured quite a wide range of regions and styles. From France we covered Champagne, Burgundy, and the Loire, and from Italy, the Friuli. NV Rosé 1er Cru • Veuve Fourny * The rosé from Veuve Fourny is a favorite among the staff in Berkeley. When a special bottle needs to be […]

Tasting Recap 9/17/09: Alsace, Southern France, & Corsica

We started our most recent Thursday night tasting with some new releases from one of our Alsatian domaines, Meyer-Fonné. Since the first shipment from Meyer-Fonné arrived in winter of 2007 we have been perpetually impressed by the wines of Felix Meyer. The domaine makes blends, classic varietal wines, and vineyard specific varietal wines all of […]

Tasting Recap 8/27/09: Languedoc, Burgundy, & the Southwest

Thursday’s staff tasting featured a wide range of regions and styles. Because of this diversity we didn’t hold to our usual north to south tasting order but instead jumped around. We started in the Languedoc with some new arrivals from Saint Martin de la Garrigue. Here’s a brief history of Saint Martin as told by […]