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Technical Information

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area*
Crémant de Savoie Extra Brut
Jacquère 50 years Marl, Limestone scree 1.14 ha
Savoie Chignin Gamay
Gamay 30 years Limestone scree 2.5 ha
Savoie Les Abymes
Jacquère 50 years Marl, Limestone scree 1.14 ha
Savoie Chignin
Jacquère 30 to 60 years Limestone scree 4 ha
Savoie Chignin “Vieilles Vignes”
Jacquère 70 + years Limestone scree 4 ha
Roussette de Savoie “Altesse”
Altesse 30 years Marl, Limestone scree .3 ha
Savoie Chignin-Bergeron “Les Roches Blanches”
Bergeron 20 to 80 years Limestone scree 5 ha
Savoie Chignin-Bergeron
“Les Terrasses”
Bergeron 25 years Terraced steep limestone scree slopes 3 ha
Savoie Chignin-Bergeron “Côteau des Ducs”
Bergeron 50 years Terraced steep limestone scree slopes 1.2 ha
Savoie Chignin Bergeron
“Le Grand Rebossan”
Bergeron 40 years Steep limestone scree slopes 5 ha
Savoie Chignin Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir 20 to 25 years Clay, Limestone .65 ha
Savoie Arbin Mondeuse “Terres Brunes”
Mondeuse 40 to 50 years Clay, Limestone 1 ha
Savoie Chignin Mondeuse
“Vieilles Vignes”
Mondeuse 70 years Clay, Limestone 2.8 ha
* "ha" = hectares; one hectare equals roughly two and a half acres


• Grapes are hand-harvested
• Fermentations occur spontaneously with indigenous yeasts

Crémant de Savoie Extra Brut:

• Méthode Traditionnelle is very similar to Méthode Champenoise

• After primary fermentation, wine is bottled for a secondary fermentation

• After disgorgement, a house liqueur de tirage is added before final corking of wine

Savoie Chignin:

• After fermentation, the wine is aged in stainless steel on fine lees for 9 months

Roussette de Savoie “Altesse”:

• Fermentation in stainless steel tank

• Aged in stainless steel tank for 6 to 8 months

Savoie Chignin-Bergeron:

• Bergeron is the local name for the Roussanne grape
“Les Terrasses” comes from vineyards so steep they had to be terraced (rare in Savoie, where vineyards are usually planted in the direction of the slope)
“Le Grand Rebossan” is aged for 11 months in oak foudre with malolactic fermentation
“Les Roches Blanches” and “Les Terrasses” most often do not undergo Malolactic fermentation and are bottled about 12 months after harvest
“Côteau des Ducs” is fermented and raised in Oeuf de Beaune and Jarre for 9 months before bottling. The name is an homage to the dukes of Savoie who cultivated the vines during a time when Torméry was classed among the Grands Crus of Savoie.

Savoie Chignin Pinot Noir:

• Hand harvested

• Grapes are sorted and de-stemmed

• Maceration lasts 12 days

• Wine is aged until the August following the harvest, then bottled

Savoie Chignin Gamay:

• Hand harvested

• Some bunches are de-stemmed and some are not, and are vinified separately

• Fermentation in stainless steel tank

• Aged in stainless steel tank until bottling in spring

Savoie Arbin Mondeuse “Terres Brunes”:

• Maceration lasts 12 to 15 days in stainless steel tank

• Aged for 11 months, 50% in stainless steel tank, 50% in foudre

• Neither fined nor filtered

Savoie Chignin Mondeuse “Vieilles Vignes”:

• Hand harvested

• Grapes are not crushed and some whole bunches are added to the cuve

• Maceration lasts 12 to 15 days

• Wine is aged in foudre for one year before bottling

• Neither fined nor filtered

General Information

Savoie, Bugey, Hautes-Alpes
Savoie, Crémant de Savoie, Roussette de Savoie
Guillaume Quenard
Annual Production
15,000 cases
Haute Valeur Environnementale (certified), Organic (practicing)
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