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Technical Information

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area*
Bourgogne Blanc
Chardonnay Planted 1992-2015 Clay, Limestone 1.07 ha
Bourgogne Aligoté
Aligoté Planted in 1987 Clay, Limestone 0.20 ha
Chardonnay Planted 1960-1999 Clay, limestone .66 ha
Meursault “En La Barre”
Chardonnay Planted 1945-2011 Clay, Limestone 1.62 ha
Meursault “Les Tillets”
Chardonnay Planted 1958-2002 Clay, Limestone .66 ha
Meursault “Clos Le Meix Tavaux”
Chardonnay Planted in 1984 Clay, Limestone .34 ha
Meursault Blagny 1er Cru
Chardonnay Planted in 1957, 2009 Clay, Limestone .50 ha
Meursault Charmes 1er Cru
Chardonnay Planted in 1963, 2007, 2014 Clay, Limestone .26 ha
Meursault Genevrières 1er Cru
Chardonnay Planted 1970-2017 Clay, Limestone .54 ha
Meursault Poruzots 1er Cru
Chardonnay Planted 1972-1994 Clay, Limestone .79 ha
Puligny-Montrachet “Le Trézin”
Chardonnay Planted in 1956 Clay, Limestone .17 ha
Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru
Les Champs-Gains
Chardonnay Currently fallow, will be replanted in 2021 Clay, Limestone 0.13 ha
Saint Aubin 1er Cru
Sur le Sentier du Clou
Chardonnay Planted in 1961, 1987, 1990 Clay, Limestone .40 ha
Saint-Aubin 1er Cru
Les Perrières
Chardonnay Currently fallow, will be replanted in 2021 Clay, limestone .06 ha
Saint-Aubin 1er Cru
Derrière Chez Edouard
Chardonnay Planted in 2015 Clay, Limestone .12 ha
Bourgogne Rouge
Pinot Noir 25 years average Clay 1.5 ha
Pinot Noir Planted in 1988 Clay, Limestone .18 ha
Beaune Epenottes 1er Cru
Pinot Noir Planted in 1988 Clay, Limestone .96 ha
Beaune Montrevenots 1er Cru
Pinot Noir 45 years average Clay, Limestone 1.43 ha
Pinot Noir Planted in 1971 Clay, Limestone .15 ha
Pommard Epenots 1er Cru
Pinot Noir Planted in 1982, 1986 Clay, Limestone .58 ha
* "ha" = hectares; one hectare equals roughly two and a half acres


• Vines are trained in Guyot (Poussard style)
• Hand-harvested
• Finished wines are bottled unfined and in some vintages, lightly filtered

• Grapes are pressed gently by pneumatic press, with little to no débourbage (settling of the must)
• Both primary and malolactic fermentations are in oak barrels, only 20% of which are new
• No stirring of the lees
• Aged from 20-23 months in barrel (4-5 years old)
Bourgogne Blanc is a blend of four lieux-dits : Herbeaux, En l’Ormeau, La Monatine, and Sous la Velle
• Starting with the 2020 vintage, the Meursault bottling blends lieux-dits Les Chaumes de Narvaux, Sous La Velle, Les Corbins, En La Barre, Tillets, Meix Tavaux and Pré de Manche. Prior to that, it was comprised of only Les Corbins, Les Chaumes des Perrières, and Sous la Velle.
Meursault Blagny 1er Cru is from lieu-dit La Pièce Sous le Bois

• Grapes are 100% destemmed
• Cold-soak for five days, then fermentation during 10 days
• Aged for 12 months in barrel, only 20% of which are new
Bourgogne Rouge is a blend of four lieux-dits in Pommard: L’Aumônne, Taupe Maison Dieu, En la Taupe and Les Crenilles
Volnay bottling is from lieu-dit Les Combes

The Jobard family produced red wine for many years, most notably from the Blagny 1er Cru La Pièce Sous le Bois. They pulled the vines after the 2006 vintage to replant the vineyard to Chardonnay, and Antoine has been looking for a way to make red wine again ever since.

In August of 2019 Antoine was able to lease the vineyards of the Domaine André Mussy, a once-thriving domaine in Pommard. The vineyards are completely organic, having never seen chemicals, and Antoine spent a lot of time revitalizing them well in advance of the 2019 harvest–an effort that really shows in his brilliant first effort from these vines. He farms 6 hectares in all, featuring a collection of village and premier cru wines from Beaune, Volnay, and Pommard.

General Information

Meursault, Meursault-Blagny, Puligny-Montrachet
François and Antoine Jobard
Mid-19th Century
Annual Production
2,500 - 3,000 cases
Organic (practicing)
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