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Technical Information

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area*
Côtes du Rhône Blanc
50% Marsanne, 25% Viognier,
13% Roussanne, 12% Grenache Blanc
6-35 years Clay, Limestone, Mica Schist 2 ha
Côtes du Rhône Rouge
Syrah 4-50 years Schist 4.8 ha
Condrieu “Vernillon”
Viognier 9-29 years Biotite and Muscovite Granite 0.5 ha
IPG Syrah
Syrah 8-25 years Granite, mica schist 1.5 ha
Côte Rôtie
Syrah 5-85 years 95% Schist, 5% Granite 8 ha
Côte Rôtie “Côte Brune”
Syrah 25-85 years Schist 0.5 ha
Côte Rôtie “La Landonne”
Syrah Planted in 1987 Schist .26 ha
* "ha" = hectares; one hectare equals roughly two and a half acres


White Wines
• Harvested by hand
• Grapes sorted in the vineyard during harvest
• Fermented 2 months in stainless steel and barrique
• Aged in barrique, tank, and sandstone amphora
• Bottled unfiltered

Red Wines
• Harvested by hand
• Grapes sorted in the vineyard during harvest
• Pump-overs during fermentation
• Fermented 3 weeks in stainless steel
• Aged in oak barrels
• Bottled unfiltered

Côtes du Rhône Blanc:
• Sourced from vines on plateau above Ampuis
• Viognier and Roussanne vinified in stainless steel tank
• Marsanne and Grenache Blanc vinified in barrique (5% new)
• Grapes are not de-stemmed before pressing
• Completes malolactic fermentation
• Aged 9 months, 50% in stainless steel, 50% in barrique
• First vintage was produced in 2005

Côtes du Rhône Rouge:
• Aged 12 months in 4 to 5 year old barrique
• Soured from the lieux-dits Lézardes, Cognet, Plomb, Champrond, Tartaras

Condrieu “Vernillon”:
• Named Vernillon because it is a blend of two parcels, Vernon and Côte Châtillon
• Both parcels are in the commune of Condrieu, in the northern part of the appellation
• Vernon is next to the Coteau de Chéry, with eastern exposition, and biotite granite soil
• Châtillon is the northernmost parcel of Condrieu, with muscovite granite soil
• Aged in a blend of stainless steel, barrique, and sandstone amphora
• Completes malolactic fermentation
• Aged 9 months
• Their first vintage of Condrieu was 2015

IGP Syrah:
• Blend of 3 parcels: 1) young-vine Côte Rôtie, 2) mica schist terroir on plateau next to domaine and outside of Côte Rôtie appellation, 3) plateau above Condrieu
• Grapes are 90% de-stemmed
• Aged 11 months in older barrique (10-20 years old)

Côte Rôtie:
• Côte Rôtie is 90% whole-cluster, opposite of their IGP Syrah
• All parcels are vinified and aged separately, with no racking
• Aged 22 months in barrel, mostly demi-muid and some barrique, before blending
• Final blend includes sixteen lieux-dits farmed by the domaine: Gerine, Lesardes, Fongeant, Chavaroche, Côte Bodin, Bonnivières, Le Plomb, Le Truchet, Les Moutonnes, La Landonne, Côte Blonde, Côte Rozier, Leyat, Côte Brune, Tartaras, and Rochins

Côte Rôtie “Côte Brune”:
• A single lieu-dit bottling
• Produced every year for last 40 years
• In some years, a portion of Côte Brune is also blended into the Côte Rôtie
• Aged 22 months in demi-muid and barrique

Côte Rôtie “La Landonne”:
• Only produced in exceptional years
• Most recent vintage: 2018
• Sourced exclusively from the La Landonne lieu-dit
• Aged 24 months in demi-muid and barrique

General Information

Northern Rhône
Côte Rôtie, Condrieu, IGP
Corinne, Jean-Paul, and Loïc Jamet
Annual Production
5,800 cases
Lutte Raisonnée
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