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Technical Information

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area*
Bourgogne Rouge
Pinot Noir Avg. 35 years Clay, Limestone 1.5 ha
Bourgogne Rouge
En Montre Cul
Pinot Noir 50 years Sandy, ferruginous soil 1.8 ha
Marsannay Blanc
Les Longeroies
Chardonnay 10 years Limestone, marl, clay, stone and gravel .30 ha
Marsannay Blanc
Clos du Roy
Chardonnay 10 years Limestone, marl, clay, stone and gravel .50 ha
Marsannay Rosé
Pinot Noir 15 years Limestone, marl, clay, stone and gravel 1.5 ha
Marsannay Rouge
Clos du Roy
Pinot Noir 40 years Calcareous slopes with sand and red clay subsoil 2.07 ha
Marsannay Rouge “Vieilles Vignes”
Les Longeroies
Pinot Noir 50 years Calcareous Slopes 1.82 ha
Pinot Noir 30 years Clay and Limestone traced with marl .31 ha
Morey Saint Denis
En la Rue de Vergy
Pinot Noir 45 years Limestone with marly clay .53
Pinot Noir 45 years Limestone with marly clay .55
* "ha" = hectares; one hectare equals roughly two and a half acres


All Whites:

• Barrel-fermented
• Aged for 12 months in barrels, of which 30% are new

Marsannay Rosé:

• Made by direct press
• Fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel
• Completes malolactic fermentation

All Reds:
• 20-day long, temperature-controlled maceration in concrete vats
• Wines are aged in oak barrels, with a rotation of some newer barrels for the reds

Bourgogne Rouge:

• Aged in 80hl foudre for 6 months
• Sourced from 3 parcels outside the Marsannay AOP but within the village limits of Marsannay: Les Barres, Les Perches, Les Platières

Bourgogne Rouge En Montre Cul:

• Steep hill-side lieu-dit vineyard in the absolute northern part of the Bourgogne AOC
• “Montre Cul” means “showing your rear”—the vineyard is very steep, so when harvesters are picking the grapes they have no choice but to look up at the rear of the person above them. This is a historical, official name for the vineyard
• 20-day long maceration in temperature-controlled stainless steel
• Aged in 3-4 year old oak barrels for ten months

A note on Marsannay:

The winemaking history of Marsannay runs centuries deep, as far back to the 14th century when the Ducs of Bourgogne preferred Marsannay above other villages. Régis Bouvier’s two parcels are adjoining—the Clos du Roy is on the slope and Les Longeroies is between the slope and the valley floor.

Marsannay Rouge Clos du Roy:

Clos du Roy means “vineyard of the king”
• Aged in barrel for 12-16 months, 30% new oak

Marsannay Rouge Les Longeroies “Vieilles Vignes”:

Les Longeroies means “alongside the king”
• Aged in barrel for 12-16 months, 30% new oak


• Aged in barrel for 10-12 months, 30% new oak
• Two lieu-dit vineyards facing north-south: Les Portes Feuilles and Les Chenevières

Morey-Saint-Denis En la Rue de Vergy:

• Top lieu-dit vineyard, next to the Grand Cru Clos de Tart
• Aged in barrel for 12-16 months, 40% new oak


• Aged in barrel for 14 months, 30% new oak
• Sourced from the lieux-dits: Les Crais, Aux Corvées, Les Murots, La Croix des Champs, Prince Vin, La Justice

General Information

Bourgogne, Marsannay, Fixin, Morey-St-Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin
Régis Bouvier
Annual Production
6,000 cases
Organic (practicing)
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