In our Berkeley retail shop and online shop we sell exclusively what we import.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To learn about the new wines that are currently available, please visit our newsletter page to view our most recent monthly newsletter. Give us a call at 510.524.1524 to inquire about availability of our wines and to place an order. At this time, we ship wine within California and certain other states. Please call 510.524.1524 for further details.

Our wines are found in retail stores and restaurants throughout the nation. To find these wines in your area we recommend that you use our wine locator. If your local merchant is not familiar with our wines, please direct them to this list of our distributors throughout the country.

On the back of every bottle we import we have a “Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant” import sticker, and on a growing number of bottles we have a front label that says “Imported by Kermit Lynch.” When shopping, keep an eye out for these labels.

If you would like to work consistently with one of our salespeople, send us an email here.

Or, if you already work with a salesperson, you can place an order by phone, email, or just drop by the shop.

Retail Salespeople
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